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Hunter (from behind) in Prodigy
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A whole variety of PRODIGY t-shirts and sportswear is available through the Brownswick store, powered by Cafe Press.  So if you want to wear what the PRODIGY kids wear, latch on to one of these cool shirts.  See the complete collection below.

Click HERE to go to the Brownswick store!

Collared shirts include these three to show you support Junior Bowling:


All of these shirts that follow are available in a rainbow of colors.
Most can be ordered in both kids and adult sizes.

There's this collection of t-shirts for the kid who wants to throw down the gauntlet.
"You're bowling a 3rd grader.  Prepare to meet defeat."
(Available in Grades 1-9.)


Here's one for the bowler with attitude:
"BOWLING:  You probably don't get it because it's mainly for smart people."


Here's one for the bowler who is ready to take on all comers.  "Bowl Me."


Another one to let everybody know you came to play.
"I've come to get my bowl on."


And the most popular shirt among PRODIGY kids.

"Bowl better.  Have more fun.  Take lessons.  Then maybe you can keep up with me."


And finally, one for a proud parent of a junior bowler.


All of these shirts come in a variety of different colors, and most are available in both kids and adult sizes.

Click HERE to be taken to the Brownswick store and order yours today!

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